Chitkara Business School, Chitkara University Chandigarh

Approved By: UGC

Chitkara Business School, Chitkara University Chandigarh

Approved By: UGC

Chitakara University B – school was established in the year 2008 in the campus of Chitkara University. College programs enable the students to find the route to success at the intersection of theory and practice, discover and implement innovative solutions to real-world problems. You gain not only cutting-edge business knowledge but also intensive practical business experience thus giving you an invaluable competitive edge. Chitakara University is Ranked 77th among Top B-schools in India by Business Today (BT) 2023. College has faculty which includes people from the core academics having vast experience in academics and industry.

  1. Flexible and rigorous Curriculum: Chitkara Business school sees the world-and the conventional business degrees- in an unexpected way. The college strengths includes the topics that will be helpful in the next global economy.
  2. 100% Campus Recruitment: College enjoys unique repautation as they have delivered 100% placements to its students in diverse business areas across the globe.
  3. International Conferences and Seminar:  College encourages students to go beyond the conventional boundaries and to participate in the conferences and seminars of international academic standards.
  4. Study Based Scholarships: College also offers scholarships to the various meritorious students at the time of admission as well as for their academic performance during their study in the college.
  5. Global Network: College has established  a network that includes 50 partner universities and educational institutes from across the globe that forms the basis for the students as well as faculty exchange programs.
Scholarship / Loan

University offers various scholarship schemes to their students:
a) To apply for scholarship under Post-matric Scholarship Scheme for SCs/OBCs students


b) To apply for scholarship under Scholarship Scheme for Minorities students, and
Central Sector Scholarship Scheme for College and University students

c) To apply for AICTE’s scholarship for J & K students


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  1. Campus Infrastructure: Chitkara Business School likely has well-designed and equipped classrooms, lecture halls, and seminar rooms to facilitate effective learning.

  2. Library: The university is likely to have a well-stocked library with a wide range of books, research materials, journals, and digital resources to support academic studies and research.
  3. Computer Labs: The business school probably provides computer labs with access to up-to-date software and technology for research, projects, and skill development.
  4. Auditorium: There might be an auditorium for conducting seminars, workshops, guest lectures, and various events.
  5. Hostel Facilities: The university may offer on-campus hostel facilities for students coming from different locations. These hostels might be equipped with necessary amenities for comfortable living.
  6. Cafeteria and Dining: There’s likely a cafeteria or dining facility where students can have meals and refreshments.
  7. Recreation and Sports: Chitkara Business School might have recreational facilities such as sports grounds, indoor games, and gymnasiums to promote physical well-being and sports activities.
  8. Wi-Fi Connectivity: The campus may offer Wi-Fi connectivity in various areas to support research, learning, and communication.
  9. Healthcare Services: Some universities provide basic healthcare facilities or tie-ups with nearby medical facilities for students’ health needs.
  10. Transportation: There might be transportation services for students to commute between the campus and nearby areas.
  11. Extracurricular Activities: The university could encourage students to participate in clubs, cultural events, fests, and other extracurricular activities.
  12. Placement Services: Chitkara Business School might offer placement services to help students connect with potential employers and find internships or job opportunities.

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