Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University – SRMU

Uttar Pradesh
Approved By: AICTE

Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University – SRMU

Uttar Pradesh
Approved By: AICTE

Education has the potential to change our world. It is a powerful tool for eradicating inequality, gender disparity, diminishing poverty, alleviation of disease and to develop means for creating a sustainable planet, infused with peace and prosperity.

Founders of the University, Alumni and Gold Medalist from IIT Kanpur, envision Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University to be a globally recognized place of teaching-learning, doing research and preparing human capital with ethical, social and ecological sensibilities, thereby contributing to national prosperity. The university aspires to seamlessly address local needs while striving for global standards by keeping abreast of international developments. The phenomenal journey of the group dates back to 1999, when with just 22 students and an unwavering commitment to quality education, the foundations of the University were laid.

SRMU is a confluence of academic, cultural and intellectual resources and seeks to achieve the highest levels of distinction in the innovation and transmission of knowledge and understanding.

Eleven institutes offer a wide spectrum of choice for the students to choose undergraduate, post graduate and Doctoral programs in Engineering (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Computer Science & Computer Applications), Biotechnology & Bio-Sciences, Management, Commerce & Economics, Journalism & Mass Communication, Legal studies, Basic Sciences and Humanities, Education & Research, Agriculture, Pharmacy and Architecture.

SRMU takes pride in its excellent faculty hailing from leading Central Universities and premier institutes like IIT(s) and NIT(s) etc. Constant interface with industry stalwarts and a pro-active management leads to innovative pedagogy and constant updation of the syllabus, making the programs relevant and employability enhancing. SRMU has made significant breakthrough in patents and government sponsored projects too.

In order to chisel competent industry-ready professionals, Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University (SRMU) provides a veritable pool of resources, which help students in multi-faceted development. A basket of programs in a broad spectrum of disciplines are available from the undergraduate level to research. For a complete educational experience, an SRMU student undergoes industrial visits, industry specific trainings, practical exposure to a subject through laboratory work, guest lectures by experts, innovative pedagogy and a thorough study evaluation system. An Incubation centre has also been established to nurture entrepreneurs who can be ‘job creators’.

The serene and beautiful ambience of the University is conducive for quality education. Students are encouraged to be a part of various co-curricular activities and events of the University. Keeping the overall student development in mind, the University provides various assistive programs for its students so that they can get good placements. University outreach involves Corporate Social Responsibility projects like Apni Pathshala-a free education system for the underprivileged children, National Social Service (NSS), and National Cadets Corps (NCC). The university also provides a host of scholarship for deserving students to motivate, support and encourage them.

SRMU’s bold vision is built upon the excellence of Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Group of Professional Colleges (SRMGPC) in engineering and business education. It took two decades of dedicated and untiring efforts to emerge as a University of Repute. With motto Chase Reality…Dreams Will Follow, SRMU is all set to create a benchmark in the higher education system.

Scholarship / Loan

Under the scholarship scheme a 10% yearly tuition fee waiver will be provided to students admitted under this scheme who are wards of frontline workers comprising Doctors, Nurses, Para-Medical Staff, Police, Media personals and sanitation workers.

Under this scholarship 100% fee waivers is provided to top scorers in SRMU Scholarship cum Entrance Test (SRMUSET).

3) Merit-based scholarship:

A) Undergraduate and Integrated courses based on the scores obtained in 10+2 :
>95.1 – 100% of yearly tuition fee
90.1-95 – 100% of semester tuition fee
80.1-90 – 50% of semester tuition fee
70.1-80 – 30% of semester tuition fee
60.1-70 – 20% of semester tuition fee

B) B.Tech Lateral and B.Arch. courses based on the scores in Diploma/B.Sc. (B.Tech):
>85.1 – 100% of yearly tuition fee
80.1-85 – 100% of semester tuition fee
70.1-80 – 50% of semester tuition fee
60.1-70 – 30% of semester tuition fee

C) Diploma and D.Arch. courses based on the scores in 10+2/10th:
>95.1 – 100% of yearly tuition fee
90.1-95 – 100% of semester tuition fee
80.1-90 – 80% of semester tuition fee
70.1-80 – 60% of semester tuition fee
60.1-70 – 50% of semester tuition fee
<60 – 40% of semester tuition fee

D) Post Graduate courses based on scores in graduation:
>85.1 – 100% of yearly tuition fee
80.1-85 – 100% of semester tuition fee
70.1-80 – 50% of semester tuition fee
60.1-70 – 30% of semester tuition fee


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  1. Academic Facilities:

    • Classrooms and lecture halls equipped with modern teaching aids.
    • Well-stocked libraries with a vast collection of books, journals, and digital resources.
    • Laboratories for various disciplines, including science, engineering, and technology.
    • Research centers and institutes.
  2. Student Housing:
    • Hostel accommodations for both male and female students.
    • Common areas, recreation rooms, and study lounges within hostels.
    • Facilities for international students if applicable.
  3. Sports and Recreation:
    • Sports facilities such as cricket grounds, basketball courts, football fields, and indoor sports complexes.
    • Gymnasiums and fitness centers.
    • Cultural and recreational clubs for students.
  4. Dining and Food Services:
    • Cafeterias and dining halls providing a variety of food options.
    • On-campus restaurants or food courts.
  5. Health and Medical Services:
    • Health clinics or medical centers with qualified staff.
    • Access to medical professionals and services for students’ healthcare needs.
  6. Transportation:
    • Bus or shuttle services for commuting within the campus or to nearby areas.
  7. IT and Internet Facilities:
    • Computer labs with high-speed internet access.
    • Campus-wide Wi-Fi for students and staff.
  8. Student Services:
    • Academic advising and counseling services.
    • Career services and placement assistance.
    • Student organizations and clubs for extracurricular activities.
  9. Conference and Seminar Facilities:
    • Auditoriums and conference halls for hosting events, seminars, and conferences.
  10. Security and Safety:
    • Campus security to ensure the safety of students and staff.
    • Emergency response and first-aid services.
  11. Green Spaces and Environmental Initiatives:

    • Gardens and green areas for relaxation and recreation.
    • Environmental sustainability initiatives.
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