A thorough understanding of public service management, government regulations, and organizational structures can be obtained with a bachelor’s degree in public administration. The focus of this curriculum is on strategic leadership in the public sector, policy analysis, and organizational governance. Within governmental organizations, students study the complexities of financial management, administrative law, and public policy. Internships, case studies, and real-world experiences all improve application in the actual world. Graduates possess the knowledge and abilities to effectively address social issues, contribute to public service and policy implementation, and are ready for positions in government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and public administration.

A bachelor’s degree in public administration develops competencies in budgeting, human resource management, and public policy assessment by combining political science, sociology, and management concepts. This course explores the intricacies of governance, placing a focus on moral judgment and effective public service. Students hone their capacity to address a variety of societal concerns by investigating global perspectives on administration. Public finance, intergovernmental relations, and organizational behavior are among the subjects covered in the courses. Internships and community service are examples of practical components that promote practical experience. With a sophisticated grasp of public affairs and administration dynamics, graduates are well-suited for positions in nonprofit management, policy analysis, and government administration.


Candidates should have passed 12th  from any recognized university.

Ampuja Solution  Al Sayer Group
Buzzworks Business Services Pvt. Ltd. Aruna Childrens Hospital
The Oberoi Group Bismi Auto Agencies
CAM Flower Commission Market Avp Ayurvedic Hospital
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Fees: – 9,000/-
Duration: 3 Years
Study Mode: Distance
Approved By: MKU Distance Education

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