Studying plant biology and ecology is the main focus of a specialized undergraduate degree called the Bachelor of Science in Botany (BSc. Botany). Students develop knowledge of the vast world of flora as they investigate the anatomy, physiology, taxonomy, and ecology of plants. An essential component of improving abilities in plant identification and research is doing hands-on fieldwork and laboratory experimentation. Programs for Bachelor of Science in Botany frequently include environmental studies, with a focus on sustainable practices and conservation. Plant biotechnology and ethnobotany are examples of possible specializations. Graduates are prepared for professions in research, conservation, environmental science, and agriculture. The curriculum fosters a profound understanding of the essential role that plants play in both human existence and ecosystems.

Beyond the traditional plant sciences, BSc. Botany programs cover new areas such as molecular biology, bioinformatics, and plant genomics. Students investigate the complex interactions that exist between plants and their surroundings by learning about subjects including ecological restoration and plant pathology. Botanical excursions, molecular procedures, and herbarium work are examples of practical components. A BSc in Botany promotes a comprehensive understanding of plant life, covering everything from the dynamics of ecosystems to tiny cellular activities. The curriculum frequently promotes interdisciplinary relationships with environmental sciences, microbiology, and genetics. Graduates can contribute to advances in agriculture, medicine, and environmental conservation by working in biotechnology, medicines, ecological management, or additional research.


Candidates should have passed 12th  from any recognized university.

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Fees: – 5,699/-
Duration: 3 Years
Study Mode: Distance
Approved By: MKU Distance Education

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