Certificate in 3D Fashion Design program is developed to meet the fashion industry’s need for working professionals as well as students in higher education with advanced Fashion Design computer skills.

The program offers students the opportunity to upgrade their digital fashion design skills to industry standards. The students also get the opportunity to explore various design software used in fashion industry. The purpose of the program is to enable designers to create and produce various fashion design presentation products, such as digital trend and concept boards, textile colour boards, motif and pattern developments, and digital spec sheets for a portfolio. Students entering into this program will also get the exposure of “digital printing” to translate their ideas/ graphics from computer screen to real fabrics.

A Certificate in 3D Fashion Design is a specialized program that focuses on equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field of digital fashion design. This program combines traditional fashion design principles with cutting-edge technology to create virtual garments and visualizations.

The program covers a wide range of subjects related to 3D fashion design, including 3D modeling, virtual garment creation, fabric simulation, digital rendering, and visualization techniques. Students learn to use industry-standard software and tools specifically designed for digital fashion design.

Through hands-on projects and assignments, students develop proficiency in creating realistic 3D garments, experimenting with different fabric types and textures, and simulating garment movement and fit. They also learn to present their designs in visually appealing and dynamic ways using digital rendering techniques.

The program emphasizes the integration of technology and fashion, allowing students to explore new possibilities in design, prototyping, and visual communication. Students gain a deep understanding of how 3D design tools can enhance the fashion design process, enabling them to create innovative and visually stunning garments.

Upon completion of the program, graduates can pursue various career paths in the fashion industry. They can work as 3D fashion designers, virtual garment creators, textile designers, visual merchandisers, or pursue opportunities in fashion visualization, animation, and virtual reality experiences. They may also choose to work for fashion brands, design agencies, or start their own digital fashion design business.

A Certificate in 3D Fashion Design provides individuals with specialized skills in the emerging field of digital fashion design, allowing them to stand out in the industry and explore new avenues for creativity and innovation.


Applicants should be at least 14 years of age and should have passed Class X from any recognized board.

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Fees: – NA
Duration: 3 Months
Study Mode: Regular
Approved By: Pearl Academy, Rajouri Garden, Delhi

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