A postgraduate degree that provides a thorough examination of historical events, societies, and cultures is the Master of Arts in History (MA History). Students hone their capacity to analyze primary sources through advanced research, critical analysis, and historiographical study. The curriculum promotes a thorough grasp of the past by covering a wide range of historical eras and geographical locations. Historical studies can be specialized in political, social, or cultural contexts. Students gain advanced analytical and writing abilities through coursework and thesis projects, equipping them for employment in public policy, academia, research, archives, and museums. The MA in History program makes it easier to understand the intricate relationships that shape our world.

A postgraduate program exploring the complexities of human civilization is the MA in History. Pupils study advanced historiography, honing their skills in historical source analysis and interpretation. Specializations in particular historical fields can be fostered by focusing on thematic or geographical areas through a curriculum that can be customized. Seminars, research projects, and internships are frequently included in the curriculum to help students apply their historical knowledge in real-world settings. Graduates are prepared for careers in academia, publishing, cultural heritage, and other fields by having a strong grasp of the past together with excellent research and communication abilities. The MA in History program is a scholarly investigation that broadens historical viewpoints.


Candidates should have completed graduation from any recognized university.

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Fees: – 10,220/-
Duration: 2 Years
Study Mode: Distance
Approved By: MKU Distance Education

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