An MBA in Export-Import Management is a specialist programme created to give students the abilities and information required for managing global trade operations. This course combines fundamental business concepts with an emphasis on the intricacies of import and export company operations.

Essential business courses including finance, marketing, human resources, and strategic management are part of an MBA programme in export-import management. Nonetheless, the curriculum gives special attention to subjects related to exports and imports, such as global supply chain operations, risk management, logistics, and international trade laws.

To give students practical experience in export-import management, the programme may include practical components including case studies, real-world projects, and internships with businesses or organisations involved in international commerce. There may also be possibilities for networking with industry specialists, attendance at trade shows, and exposure to global business procedures.

Graduates of an MBA programme in export-import management are well-suited for positions in global trade and business. They can become export-import coordinators, advisors for international commerce, managers of logistics, or experts in trade compliance. The program’s objectives are to provide participants with a thorough awareness of the worldwide business landscape and the abilities needed to successfully negotiate the complexities of cross-border trade.

I Year
  • Management Principles
  • Quantitative Methods in Business
    Organisational Behaviour
    Management Accounting
    Managerial Economics
    Legal Systems in Business
    Research Methodology and Communication
    Applied Operations Research
    Human Resources Management
    Marketing Management

II Year

  • Production and Materials Management
  • Financial Management
  • Computer Languages for Management
  • Business Policy and Strategic Management
  • Management Information Systems and
  • Electronic Data Processing
  • International Marketing
  • International Trade Logistics
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Export Import Finance Management
  • International Finance

Candidate must be a graduate from a recognized college/ university.


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