Professionals who want to succeed in resource management and supply chain optimization should pursue an MBA in Material Management. The curriculum focuses on logistical techniques, inventory control, and procurement. Sustainable supply chain methods, vendor management, and material planning are all included in the courses. Students learn about the latest developments in material monitoring technology, such as RFID and blockchain. Real-world case studies and industry partnerships are common examples of practical components. Graduates are prepared to reduce expenses, optimize material flows, and improve the overall effectiveness of the supply chain. This MBA guarantees a thorough comprehension of material management concepts, equipping students for executive positions in fields where efficient use of resources is essential.

The material management MBA integrates circular economy principles in a unique way, focusing on waste reduction, recycling, and sustainable procurement. In order to maximize material utilization, the program investigates cutting-edge trends including 3D printing and predictive analytics. Risk management is covered in depth in courses, along with possible supply chain interruptions. Simulations of dynamic market scenarios are common practical components that help improve decision-making abilities. Additionally, it could cover worldwide approaches to procuring materials, equipping graduates to face a variety of market obstacles. This MBA, which places a strong emphasis on innovation, develops professionals’ capacity to manage resources sustainably and effectively in a business environment that is changing quickly. It does this by strengthening traditional material management abilities while simultaneously encouraging adaptation and strategic thinking.


Candidates should have completed graduation from any recognized university.

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Fees: – 11,000 /-
Duration: 2 Years
Study Mode: Distance
Approved By: Study and Lead Educational and Welfare Society

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