“The main tenet of design thinking is empathy for the people you’re trying to design for. Leadership is exactly the same thing – building empathy for the people that you’re entrusted to help.” – David Kelley, Founder of IDEO Design thinking is not a buzzword or a fad, but a necessity, a need of the hour. With so many products and services appearing and disappearing in a fast world, the only tenet that stands the test of time is the underlying human need.

Humans are back in the centre of the universe, our product/service universe. This is why design thinking is referred to as human centred design. This course will be an introduction to employees and managers in a company an experience of an empathy led approach to creativity in the context of an organization. The facilitator will use live projects to demonstrate and apply the method.

This course is divided into 4 modules – Empathize, Analyze, Solve and Test. We start with the humans in Empathize and analyze their situation. Once we know what is that will make their life better, we solve them using our creativity and test our assumptions about the humans we started out with.

Week 1 Introduction of Design Thinking
1 Introduction to the Course
2 Introduction of the participant
3 Introduction to Design Thinking
4 Why Design Thinking?
5 Intro to the Design Thinker’s Mindset
6 Intro to the Mock Case Studies
7 Course Objectives & Schedule
8 Divergence & Convergence
9 History of Design Thinking
Week 2 Empathize Module
1 Empathize
2 Customer Journey Map (List of problems)
(Emotional Map)
3 Assignment 1
Week 3 Analyze Module
1 Analyze
2 5-Whys
3 Conflict of Interest
4 Assignment 2
Week 4 Solve Module
1 Solve (Silence Zone – Brainstorming)
2 Solve – TRIZ (TRIZ based triggers)
3 Assignment 3
Week 5 Test Module
1 Test
2 Prototyping basics (Test of assumptions)
(Interview and testing tips)
3 The End
4 Assignment 4

Post Graduation-

A participant must hold an under graduate degree (10+2+3/4) from a recognized university in any discipline. Participant appearing for final year examinations can also apply.

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Fees: – 9750/- + 18% GST
Duration: 5 weeks
Study Mode: Online
Approved By: AICTE

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