From understanding fashion history, designing different fashion styles, make-up to image editing techniques, our UG Program in Fashion Styling and Image Design course or image consultant course covers four critical elements of fashion and image creation based on the global fashion industry. These include Personal Styling, Editorial Styling, Commercial Styling & Costume Design and Styling. This course helps students develop the required skills to work in the fashion industry or to start their own fashion-related business.

Our 4 Year UG Fashion Styling & Image Design program is not just a costume design course. Students also learn key skills and techniques of fashion photography and accessory styling, including editing, using software like photoshop, video making, hair & make-up and graphics. Our fashion styling course also introduces them to the latest branding and marketing techniques in the fashion industry. So, if you are looking at a styling course which is one of a kind and offers a robust idea of the industry, you should go with this course.

An Undergraduate (UG) Program in Fashion Styling and Image Design is a comprehensive course that focuses on the creative and technical aspects of styling and image design. This program is designed for individuals who have a passion for fashion, styling, and creative expression.

The program covers a wide range of subjects related to fashion styling and image design, including fashion history, design principles, fashion photography, visual merchandising, fashion branding, fashion marketing, personal styling, fashion makeup, and hairstyling.

Students learn about the entire styling and image design process, from conceptualization and ideation to execution and presentation. They gain knowledge of fashion trends, design elements, color theory, and the integration of fashion accessories. They also learn about the impact of their designs on personal image, self-expression, and social perception.

The program combines theoretical learning with practical hands-on experience. Students engage in styling projects, fashion shoots, fashion shows, and industry collaborations where they apply their skills and knowledge to create fashion images and styles that communicate the desired message. They learn to use styling software, fashion accessories, makeup, and hairstyling tools to create unique and impactful looks.

Upon completion of the program, graduates can pursue diverse careers in fashion styling and image design. They can work as fashion stylists, image consultants, fashion photographers, fashion bloggers, makeup artists, hairstylists, or fashion editors in industries such as fashion, media, entertainment, and advertising. They have a strong foundation in fashion styling and image design principles, technical proficiency in styling software and tools, and the ability to create fashion images and styles that resonate with the target audience.


Minimum of 10+2.

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Course Info

Fees: – 20,16,000/-
Duration: 4 Years
Study Mode: Regular
Approved By: Pearl Academy, Rajouri Garden, Delhi

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