A postgraduate program called Master of Commerce (M.Com) focuses on advanced studies in business, finance, and commerce. Accounting, economics, business management, and financial analysis are among the subjects covered in the program.

MA Sociology

The postgraduate Master of Arts in Sociology (MA Sociology) program is focused on the methodical examination of social structures, human behavior, and society.

MA Hindi

An advanced degree program that focuses on the study of Hindi language, literature, and culture is the Master of Arts in Hindi (MA Hindi). This course examines literary criticism, linguistic subtleties, and both classical and contemporary Hindi literature.

MA Philosophy

A postgraduate course of study known as the Master of Arts in Philosophy (MA Philosophy) explores basic issues like reality, existence, knowledge, and morality. Typically, this degree entails demanding courses in research methodology, critical thinking, and a variety of philosophical systems.

MA History

Your query appears to contain a small inaccuracy, as an academic program called “MA History Science” is not commonly offered. If, on the other hand, you mean a Master of Arts in History,

MA Economics

An advanced curriculum that examines economic theories, quantitative techniques, and policy analysis is the Master of Arts in Economics (MA Economics). In order to promote

MA Political Science

An advanced curriculum exploring the complexities of political systems, ideas, and global governance is the Master of Arts in Political Science (MA Political Science). Students study public policy, political philosophy, and international relations, among other subjects, in-depth.

MA English

A postgraduate degree that explores advanced literary analysis, critical theory, and linguistic research is the Master of Arts in English (MA English). By interacting with a variety of genres, historical eras, and cultural contexts


A dynamic degree covering new trends like data analytics, digital marketing, and sustainability is a bachelor of business administration (BBA). Students study technology integration, strategic management, and organizational behavior.


An undergraduate degree with a business concentration that covers many facets of finance and commerce is the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) program. The study of foundational courses like accounting, finance, marketing, and management gives students a thorough grasp of how businesses are run.


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