MBA in Banking, Insurance & Financial Services

The Banking sector in India is undergoing a paradigm shift, with over 10 million individuals projected to be employed in the next couple of years. To address this burgeoning need for skilled….

MBA in Retail Management

With India emerging as one of the fastest retailing destinations in the recent Indian marketing scenario, our Master of Business Administration degree in Retail Management serves as a perfect….

MBA in Business Analytics

Meet the skyrocketing demand for talented data analysts with our industry-endorsed Master of Business Administration program in Business Analytics offered in knowledge Partnership….

MBA in Pharmaceutical Management

Our Masters of Business Administration program in Pharmaceutical Management offers an exclusive combination of core business management subjects and pharmaceutical knowledge…..

MBA in Healthcare Management

One of the leading programs of its kind, our MBA in Healthcare Management, combines a robust Healthcare curriculum, the best-in-class faculty, along with access to our extensive industry…..

MBA in Human Resource Management

Our Master of Business Administration program in Human Resource Management is designed to build your understanding of the theory, practices and, policies associated with evidence….

MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain

Our Master of Business Administration program in Logistics and Supply Chain is designed to help you gain a fundamental understanding of a company’s Supply Chain Management from…..

MBA in Banking and Finance

Our Master of Business Administration program in Finance helps you develop your critical reasoning and financial skills and grow into a professional with a broad knowledge base capable…..

MBA in Marketing

The success of any product or service in the world today depends on a sound marketing strategy. Period. This has resulted in an unprecedented rise in demand for qualified marketing…..


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