MBA Operations and Supply Chain

The optimization of corporate procedures, logistics, and supply chain strategies is the main emphasis of an MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management.

MBA Tourism

A tourism MBA blends business knowledge with an emphasis on the ever-changing international tourism sector. Sustainable tourism, hospitality operations, and destination management are all included in the program.

MBA Hospital Management

The field of Hospital Management MBA concentrates on the nexus between business administration and healthcare. The curriculum addresses financial management in the healthcare sector, medical ethics, and healthcare policy.

MBA General

A general management MBA program covers all the fundamentals of business, including marketing, operations, finance, and leadership. It encourages a comprehensive comprehension of business innovation, strategic decision-making, and organizational dynamics.

MBA Human Resource Management

The goal of a Human Resource Management MBA program is to develop strategic HR leaders. Organizational behavior, employee relations, workforce development, and talent acquisition are all included in the program.

MBA International Business

Students pursuing an MBA in International Business are better equipped to handle the challenges of conducting business globally by learning how to navigate a variety of markets and cultural quirks.

MBA Finance

Students pursuing an MBA in Finance are prepared with advanced skills in financial analysis, management, and strategic decision-making in business environments.

MBA Marketing

Professionals wanting a thorough understanding of business might enroll in an advanced, multidisciplinary degree called the Master of Business Administration (MBA).


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