An advanced and specialised degree that offers in-depth knowledge and expertise in a variety of business and commerce-related topics is the Master of Commerce (MCom) programme.

MSc (IT)

An advanced education in information technology, the Master of Science (MSc) programme gives students specialised knowledge and abilities in the ever-evolving field of IT.

MA (English)

A Master of Arts (MA) programme in English provides a thorough and advanced education in the language and its various literary traditions.

MA (Hindi)

An advanced course that explores the rich linguistic and literary legacy of the Hindi language is the Master of Arts (MA) in Hindi programme. The MA Hindi programme normally lasts one to two years and includes critical analysis, linguistics, and the study of both ancient and contemporary Hindi literature.

MA (History)

A Master of Arts (MA) in History programme provides a thorough investigation of historical theories, research methods, and advanced analysis. The MA in History programme covers a wide range of historical eras, events, and cultural developments over the course of one to two years.

MA (Political Science)

An advanced course that provides an in-depth examination of political ideas, institutions, and global political dynamics is the Master of Arts (MA) in Political Science programme.

MA (Economics)

An sophisticated and thorough study aimed to give students a thorough understanding of economic theories, policies, and analytical techniques is the Master of Arts (MA) in Economics programme.


A specialised undergraduate course called a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) programme aims to give students a solid foundation in computer science and its applications.


A vibrant and all-encompassing undergraduate degree, the Bachelor of corporate Administration (BBA) programme gives students the tools they need to succeed in the corporate world.


A thorough undergraduate curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree gives students a strong foundation in a variety of business and commerce-related topics.


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