MBA In Tourism Administration

The goal of an MBA in Tourism Administration is to combine business knowledge with the complexities of the international travel sector. The course covers hospitality operations, destination management, and sustainable tourism practices.

MBA In Human Resource Development

The goal of a Human Resource Development MBA program is to develop strategic HR leaders. This curriculum covers workforce planning, organizational growth, and talent management while fusing business principles with specific HR abilities.

MBA In Hospital Administration

The focus of an MBA in Hospital Administration program is on the relationship between business and healthcare, equipping graduates to effectively run healthcare organizations.

MBA In Financial Administration

The focus of an MBA in Financial Administration is on business financial management methods, with a focus on regulatory compliance and financial responsibility. Risk management, investment planning, and advanced financial analysis are all included in this program.

MBA In E-Commerce

The focus of an MBA in E-Commerce is on the meeting point of digital commerce and business, giving students the tools they need to succeed in the dynamic online market.

MBA Chemical Sales and Marketing Management

Business savvy and chemical industry expertise are combined in an MBA program in Chemical Sales and Marketing Management. The course focuses on market dynamics, sales tactics, and special regulatory issues pertaining to chemical products.

MBA In Business Economics

An MBA in Business Economics gives students the analytical abilities to handle challenging market dynamics by fusing fundamental business principles with cutting-edge economic ideas.

Master of Business Administration

A postgraduate degree known as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) gives graduates greater knowledge and abilities in business and management. MBA programs typically last two years and cover a wide range of topics, including leadership, operations, marketing, and finance.

School of Distance Education, Jiwaji University


Jiwaji University Gwalior came into existence on May 23, 1964, through M.P. Govt. Ordinance no. 15 of 1963. Late Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, the then President of India, laid the foundation stone on 11th December 1964 at a sprawling campus of over 225 acres of land at Naulakha Parade ground.


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