MBA in Business Analytics

Advanced data analytics abilities are combined with business acumen in an MBA program in business analytics. Predictive analytics, statistical modeling, and data-driven decision making are all covered in the curriculum.

MBA in Operation and Supply Chain Management

The main goals of an MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management are logistics and organizational process optimization. Inventory control, lean operations, and supply chain planning are all covered in the course.

MBA in International Business

Professionals can better traverse the intricacies of international marketplaces by earning an MBA in international business. Global strategy, cross-cultural management, and international trade are all covered in the curriculum.

MBA in Project Management

Professionals can plan, carry out, and supervise projects more efficiently with the enhanced abilities provided by an MBA in Project Management. Project scheduling, risk management, and stakeholder communication are all covered in the curriculum.

MBA In Entrepreneurship

An MBA in Entrepreneurship is designed for people who want to launch, manage, or expand their own companies. Traditional business principles are blended with a focus on innovation, venture capital, and startup management in this curriculum.

MBA In Financial Management

A thorough understanding of risk management, investment analysis, and financial strategies can be obtained with an MBA in Financial Management.

MBA in Marketing Management

Professionals may traverse the ever-changing field of marketing with the strategic capabilities provided by an MBA in Marketing Management. Consumer behavior, digital marketing, brand management, and market research are all included in this program.

MBA In Human Resource

Professionals may manage an organization’s workforce more successfully by acquiring strategic skills with an MBA in Human Resource Management. Performance management, training, employee relations, and recruitment are all covered in the curriculum.

School of Open Learning, Pune


The School of Open Learning (SoL) established under the Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune in 2018 is a pioneer Institution in the field of Open and Distance Education in India. Savitribai Phule Pune University, one of the premier universities in India, is positioned in the North-western part of Pune city.


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