The master of Commerce program focuses on the in-depth study of theory development. M.Com enables learners to develop acumen toward commerce and thereby get a thorough understanding of entrepreneurship

M.A. (Sociology)

The motive of the program M.A. (Sociology) is to improve human well-being in An attempt to provide assistance in our country’s unity and Provide insights into solving social problems and challenges Understanding the Social Structure

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a 3-year degree program offered by SGVU-DE. The program emphasizes coursework in multiple domains of humanities, in addition to courses specific for each domain.

Bachelor Of Commerce (B.Com)

Bachelor of Commerce programme focuses both in-depth study of theory along with acquisition of professional and research skills. This programme makes learners to develop skill-oriented entrepreneurship knowledge, business communication at critical thinking and proficiency in the field of business.

Bachelor of Business Administration-BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an interdisciplinary three years graduate degree programme offered by SGVU-DE. With BBA, graduates can either launch their professional

MBA In Project Leadership Management

MBA in Project Leadership Management is a two-year professional program designed to equip students with the art and science of building and leading a team to complete projects in an organization…..

MBA In Healthcare Management

A health care master of business administration (MBA) is a master’s degree that combines business management and health care studies to help you advance your career in the health…..

MBA In Supply Chain Management

MBA in Supply Chain Management is a 2-year program for students who wish to become Business Operations Managers, Strategic Sourcing Managers, Manager of Global Sourcing…..

MBA In Operation and Production Management

The coursework of an MBA in Production and Operations focuses on transforming raw resources into final goods and services. This field requires candidates to be capable of dealing with suppliers, quality control, logistics, marketing, and top management.

MBA In Marketing Management

An MBA in marketing management is a two-year postgraduate course that emphasizes improving students’ understanding of topics including customer relationship management, organizational….


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