MBA In Information Technology Management

Professionals looking to take on leadership roles in the tech-driven business world can benefit from an MBA in Information Technology Management. The curriculum,

MBA In Health Care Management

Developing executives who can successfully manage the complexity of the healthcare industry is the main goal of an MBA in Health Care Management. The curriculum combines a thorough understanding of healthcare systems, ethics, and policy with business acumen.

MBA In Marketing Management

With an MBA in Marketing Management, students can traverse the ever-changing field of marketing with strategic capabilities. The course explores customer behavior, digital marketing tactics, and market research.

MBA In Project Leadership Management

Professionals looking to get experience managing complicated projects are better served by an MBA in Project Leadership Management. Advanced project management procedures, leadership strategies, and risk mitigation techniques are all integrated into the program.

MBA In Supply Chain Management

The optimization of international procurement, distribution, and logistics procedures is the main goal of an MBA in supply chain management. Risk management.

MBA In Human Resource Management

Students who pursue an MBA in Human Resource Management get strategic HR competencies with a focus on hiring, talent management, and employee development. The course explores labor legislation, diversity management, and organizational behavior.

MBA In Operation And Production Management

The main objectives of an MBA in Operations and Production Management include manufacturing strategy, supply chain efficiency, and business process optimization.

MBA In Finance Management

A master’s degree in finance management offers a more sophisticated understanding of market trends by exploring specialist fields such as sustainable finance

Swami Vivekananda Institute of Management and Technology


In the last few years of its existence, our Institute has achieved a leading position in providing excellent education. Considering the subject matter, we have been successful in implementing a remarkable variety of new teaching methods, using the various tools available on our platform.


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