MBA In Mental Health Management

An innovative curriculum that aims to combine business knowledge with mental health services is the MBA in Mental Health Management. Through the integration of fundamental business concepts and a focused

MBA In Cooperative Management

The core tenets of an MBA program in cooperative management include democratic decision-making, common ownership, and sustainable business practices in cooperative firms.

MBA In Social Work Management

Business savvy and a focus on social impact are combined in an MBA program in social work management. This curriculum prepares students to lead and strategically operate in non-profit organizations, government agencies, and socially conscious businesses by fusing management ideas with the social work ethos in a novel way.

MBA In Tribal Development

The goal of an MBA program in tribal development is to provide students with the managerial and leadership abilities necessary to tackle the particular difficulties that tribal people face.

MBA In Foreign Trade Management

The dynamic field of international business is the focus of the specialized MBA in Foreign Trade Management program. This curriculum combines a thorough understanding of global trade laws, logistics, and market dynamics with fundamental business concepts.

MBA In Child Care Management

The specialized curriculum known as the MBA in Child Care Management addresses the particular difficulties associated with running daycare centers and advancing the welfare of young people.

MBA In Women’s Empowerment

An innovative program committed to promoting gender equality and strengthening women in a range of professional domains is the MBA in Women’s Empowerment. This unique curriculum integrates a focus on women’s rights, leadership, and entrepreneurship with regular business education.

MBA In Rural Development

The goal of an MBA in Rural Development is to provide professionals with the strategic abilities needed to promote long-term, sustainable growth in rural communities.

MBA In Planning and Development

The goal of an MBA in Planning and Development is to give students the strategic abilities they need to deal with social and financial issues. This program emphasizes community development, infrastructure management, and sustainable development by fusing business concepts with urban and regional planning.

MBA In Good Governance

The crucial nexus between moral governance principles and business leadership is covered by an MBA in Good Governance. The values of accountability, openness, and social responsibility are emphasized in this program.


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